Industrial Behavioral Analysis for Quality, Cost and Safety
Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Analyse Human Behavior in Industrial Context

Automatically generate alerts based on worker behavior, work environment conditions, interaction with industrial objects and safety compliance.

1. Operational Challenge

List operational and safety challenges by impact and priority.

2. On-Site Setup

We deliver the needed models and the logic that combines them to produce the required alerts, predictions or classifications.

3. Generate Real-Time Alerts & Summary Reports

Connect to cameras, data sources or sensors. Set the alerting parameters and methods such as email, SMS or API call.

Featured Case Studies

Analyse Outdoor Machine Behaviors

Analyse coverage and efficiency, watch for hazardous material handling, safety equipment (PPE) and environmental factors. Look for anomalies that may indicate unqualified driver or machine operator. Predict shift yield and machinery accelerated maintenance factors.

Create Behavioral AI Models for IOT Sensor Vendors

Create custom AI models and technologies for IOT sensor manufacturers to allow them to offer predictive maintenance and estimate the quality of the process that is taking place in the environment where the sensors are deployed. Our Ability to assess the impact of the worker actual behavior on quality and maintenance acceleration helps IOT vendors get a much more accurate prediction for "just-in-time" replacement and calibration of industrial equipment.

Environmental Factors Affecting Worker Behavior

Use cameras, thermal cameras, drone-based cameras, gas and flame detectors, smoke detectors and anything else that can be observed on site to determine if the accumulation of external and worker-related data may impact a worker behavior in a way that is not acceptable. Observe workers for behaviors that may relate to various extreme operational conditions. Alert on behaviors that indicate that the worker is under an immediate safety concern. Alert on non-compliance with safety proximity signage or hazardous material handling where the appropriate PPE was not detected or the worker posture triggered the alert.

Identify Objects with Behavioral Context from Images and Other Sensors

Identify a wide range of industrial and human-related objects to be able to alert when the interaction or context of the industrial process or environmental factors may reduce quality, incur higher costs or pose an immediate safety risk. It can be workers without the appropriate PPE, workers behaving in a way that deviates from the trained procedures or workers that are observed immobile for a long time or in a dangerous environment.

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